Five elementary kids are asked why 1 kid is being bullied… watch what the boy on the end reveals.

Talking with USA Today, A fifth grader at Franklin Elementary in Mankato, MN a very important question. “Why single out somebody who has special needs?” he inquires. As indicated by the U.S. Division of Health & Human Services site, kids with incapacities are at an expanded risk of being harassed. “Any number of variables — physical helplessness, social aptitude challenges, or narrow minded situations — may expand the risk,” it says.

Be that as it may, for James Willmert, a special needs student, his five friends have worked eagerly to battle off bullies and incorporate him in class exercises. They started by including him in their schoolyard exercises, inviting him over for video games, and talking to him at length about his favorite hobby, sports. What’s more, what these five young men have done have really had a significant influence on James’ socialization, and his mom says his improvement has been amazing. “They’re changing him,” she says with a smile.